CryptoSignals: What You should look for in a signals provider

The idea behind crypto signals and their utility has become a common knowledge among folks who are into crypto trading. Thus, to get their share in this raging fast market, a lot of companies have popped up who are offering such services. Here is our list of features you should look for in a signals provider before subscribing to their paid service.

  1. Affordability: A promise to make you rich is all good and great but is it really worth it if it simultaneously burns a hole into your pocket? Promise of a profit is a future thing, but you have to subscribe to the service today. So, it is always better to go for an affordable service.
  2. Offers Free membership with limited features: Free Crypto Signals providers use free advice groups to establish their legitimacy and it would be a good thing if your provider does the same. We all start somewhere and a free group can be a right place to establish trust before handing them over your hard earned money. Hirn Crypto Free is very popular for its free services which have proved to be very profitable for a lot of people.
  3. Updates: Well, this is the basis of it all. There can be no good signals provider who doesn’t keep their subscribers updated regularly.  For those with trading as full time, multiple signals a day can be very helpful but people who are new and don’t wish to be overwhelmed, generally prefer 1-3 signals a day. 
  4. News Stories: You have to make sure before subscribing that your provider keeps an eye on global incidents which are likely to affect the price of your holdings. They might tell you to not speculate much and sell, because mass selling would definitely lead to a price crash even if the real incident wouldn’t. In times of uncertainties, it is always good if your crypto signals provider becomes your friend and guide.
  5. In-Depth Analysis: While most of the people using crypto signals don’t want to dive into much of the nitty gritty details of the thing, there are some who know their stuff or definitely want to learn and grow into independent traders. It is good if your crypto signals provider gives out their financial and market analysis report which can help such people who want to learn the process behind the decision taken. It also establishes their legitimacy as market experts as the document can be checked and verified by uninterested parties. It is always a good practice to subscribe to such a service which gives out detailed analysis of their reports and has positive reviews among the community.
  6. Automated Trading: It is becoming an essential part of crypto trading these days. There is an obvious advantage of not having to keep a constant vigil on the market while you are busy. Speed of execution is another benefit. Your bot, as these automation softwares are popularly called, can execute steps faster than you can, helping you crack a profitable deal.
  7. Private Coaches: Some crypto signals providers provide this option in their paid subscriptions. MyCryptoParadise has a ParadiseVIP subscription where they provide personal coaches to all their members. This can help them in getting personalized attention as well as learning more about the trading world with the help of an expert.
  8. Other Features: If you are a newcomer, almost every provider would have enough to satisfy your needs but as one becomes a veteran in the field, not many providers keep up with the features requirements of the trading experts. If you are thinking of subscribing to such a service, ensure the provider provides such services as per your needs.